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Members of our statewide network of community food councils are united by our shared commitment to the radical transformation of our current food systems into ones that are just, healthy and sustainable.  We value the right of every community to have enough nutrient-rich and culturally appropriate food for all its people. We value the creation of food systems that are just for our climate and for future generations who will inhabit this earth.  We value our local farmers and fisherpeople who regenerate the land and protect our waterways, and who help us nourish our bodies. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all issues involving our foodscapes, we value approaching these issues with open mindedness, inclusivity, equity and thoughtfulness. 

We value sharing information, funds and resources, to help all our councils, large and small, new and established, urban and rural, remove barriers to health and empower their communities to improve their well-being. Because we are all stronger when we work together, we value the building of genuine, trusting relationships within our communities, within our network, and with friends and allies.

We acknowledge our history of institutional racism, colonialism and patriarchy and their resulting power imbalances. As such, we value the continued learning and following of anti-racist and anti-colonial practices as we seek to help bring about food justice and sovereignty in this place many of us now call Maine.

Creative solutions to intractable problems are essential for the radical transformation of our food systems. We value making safe spaces for such creativity to flourish.  We value learning from both our successes and our failures as we do this work. Finally, recognizing that this goal will not be achieved overnight, we value the patience to stay the course, stepping forward with faith and connection.

Thanks to all of our council leaders and allies who helped us create this guiding star for our work. Extra big thank you to Theri Pickens of Inquiry Editing and Renee Page of Healthy Communities of the Capital Area- your expertise were invaluable!



OUR VISION is for our state to have resilient, vibrant and self-reliant local and regional food systems, so that all Maine communities will have enduring food sovereignty and our citizens will have access to healthy, local food.


OUR MISSION is to increase the capacity of local level food systems efforts through collaboration, coordination and resource sharing, resulting in sustainable, sovereign food systems across the state of Maine.



The Maine Network of Community Food Councils (MNCFC), founded in 2011, is a network of community-based food councils from around the state. We work together to amplify the great work that local councils do in their own communities, and to help each other be successful in our efforts. We do this through monthly meetings, resource sharing, annual summits, shared education and shared fundraising efforts.  We are committed to supporting each other, as well as the development of new food councils in Maine. We are also committed to collaborating with friends and allies throughout Maine, New England, and beyond to make real, lasting improvements to our food systems. MNCFC is currently a part of some exciting statewide collaborations including the Maine Food Policy Work Group and the Maine Food Convergence Project.

MNCFC is organized by our statewide coordinator, Darcy Cooke, who works closely with our lead team to guide the overall direction, funding, and collaboration of the network. Any local council member can request a position on the lead team. Current lead team members are: Rocky Crockett (Community Food Matters, Norway), Eric Fleischmann (Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn), Bonnie Pooley (Local Food Connection, Bethel) and Harriet Van Vleck (Merrymeeting Food Council, Sagadahoc County). To learn more about our network, email us at:

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